Areas of Expertise


The Civil Litigation area at Urbano Vitalino Advogados represents clients’ interests in all courts for disputes related to Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Maritime and Banking Law, and other matters of Private Law. Strategic cases rely on the specialized practice of improving the client’s image before the judiciary and managing cases in the higher courts.

The office works in Consumer Law, managing heavy caseloads and working on conflict resolution, seeking agreements and transactions, in order to ensure the speed and efficacy of discussions and to reduce the cost of proceedings.

In order to serve clients nationwide, the office uses its own systems to standardize logistics and electronic petitioning, thus standardizing activities, procedural monitoring and reporting.

It also draws up and negotiates arbitration clauses and dispute resolutions, representing the interests of clients who want to ensure the effectiveness of the arbitration procedure. To this end, Urbano Vitalino Advogados provides arbitrators and mediators to swiftly and safely resolve disputes.


The Contract area at Urbano Vitalino Advogados’ offers assistance with clients’ day-to-day operations, such as drafting, revising and negotiating the company’s instruments to be signed daily. It also works to design and structure various types and sizes of projects. The office fills the role of supporting the creation of the contractual production chain, sales chain and financial structuring, looking after several business relationships that the client must establish.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Law area at Urbano Vitalino Advogados deals with both urban and rural businesses, in order to anticipate and prevent the emergence of administrative, fiscal and environmental obstacles, either with the government or with other actors involved in the operation. The office also provides property acquisition services for foreigners, to enable implementation and provide legal support for ventures, such as real estate developments, housing developments, shopping centers, hotels and condominiums.

The professionals at Urbano Vitalino Advogados structure transactions related to purchasing, selling, exchanging, concession for payment, provision of guarantees, construction, ventures, leasing, build to suit, renting, partnerships, real estate transfers arising from corporate actions, among others. Its professionals assist in the negotiating phase, conducting due diligence on the documents, in order to evaluate the legality of the properties’ status and advising during the analysis and settlement of the real estate documentation. They also examine real estate documentation for the establishment of real estate funds, the issuance of debentures and securitization processes.


The Corporate area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados assists in establishing legal entities, transforming and restructuring companies, reallocating corporate capital, resolving corporate disputes and amending social contracts for many different types of existing enterprises. The office also acts as a corporate representative on boards of directors, advises committees and companies during the investigation of corporate fraud and the development of Compliance programs. The Corporate team evaluates the internal conduct practices adopted by clients and assists in developing internal administrative procedures, in addition to aiding in administrative investigations and the negotiation of leniency agreements in cases of corruption, including judicial and administrative proceedings. The area distinguishes itself by conducting due diligence of corporate transactions of buying and selling companies, by assisting Brazilian companies, foreign companies and investment funds (private equity), to invest in Brazilian companies and abroad, and supporting mergers and acquisitions, from the planning stage through the implementation of all stages.

Routine corporate needs are also part of Urbano Vitalino Advogados’ expertise, including the establishment and modification of companies, conducting shareholders’ meetings, partners’ meetings and Board of Directors’ meetings and the organization of corporate books and documents, in addition to drafting, revising and negotiating preliminary contracts and assisting companies to comply with corporate law.

Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados protects and manages all aspects of intellectual property, including trademarks and patents, software, copyrights, entertainment and information and communication technology. The office also drafts and evaluates contracts that involve licensing and the assignment of intellectual property assets, including technology transfer agreements.

The team also preserves industrial property records at the National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI), in addition to providing administrative and judicial litigation services related to trademark, brand name and domain name claims and conflicts.


The Tax area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados provides services in the areas of consulting and fiscal, administrative and judicial litigation, covering all levels of power and types of taxes. Within consulting, the emphasis is on prevention, by interpreting and applying the law to the particular case. In litigation, the emphasis is on defending the client’s interests in tax and administrative proceedings and lawsuits. Tax incentives and opportunities that arise with the publication of new regulatory acts are constantly monitored by the team, seeking to reduce the tax burden and facilitate the implementation of new projects by the client. The area is also dedicated to assessing tax contingencies in general corporate and financial transactions and conducting due diligence, in conjunction with other office areas. It provides tax planning services, improving or suggesting changes in corporate structure and better utilization of the benefits from corporate reorganization, in addition to providing clients with new opportunities for improving their tax regime.


The Economic-Administrative area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados aids in the preparation and analysis of administrative contracts, statements and technical notes, through to the administrative and judicial phases for companies and their dealings with the government. The provision of public services, public-private partnerships (PPPs), the right to use and sell public areas and the law of misconduct and fiscal responsibility are some of the matters addressed by this area.

The office also structures operations subject to inspection and approval by the government and claims before regulatory agencies, with regard to their legislative and regulatory aspects. Urbano Vitalino Advogados assists its clients with activities subject to monitoring by agencies and participates in the bidding process for public services in the areas of sanitation, ports, transportation, oil, gas, electricity and telecommunications.


The Labor area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados assists in individual and collective matters, by structuring corporate business models, through the adoption of measures aimed at mitigating or eliminating risk, with the primary objective of not permitting increased liability for companies.

The office also provides administrative and judicial litigation services, both with the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), and the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT), in first-instance lawsuits and in the higher courts. Its team performs audits of the client’s procedures, evaluates its labor routines and presents measures to adjust existing labor relationships, either through the employment relationship or through outsourcing. All strategy analysis and development services are performed in conjunction with the legal departments and the company’s human resources and financial departments.


The Environmental area of Urbano Vitalino Advogados assists in environmental legislation, from obtaining licensing and permits, including requirements from agencies and other government environmental protection agencies, to the implementation of environmental licensing processes, in addition to more complex activities, such as oil and gas, general infrastructure and logging.

The office’s activities also include participation in public hearings and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings in federal, state and local environmental agencies, particularly negotiating and signing Agreements and Conduct Adjustments.

The Environmental team assesses the environmental responsibilities involving the buying and selling of assets, solid waste management, compliance with the Forestry Code, at-risk cargo transportation and activities in the areas of basic sanitation and port sanitation, including the development of projects aimed at conservation and sustainability. The office performs environmental audits for various purposes, including the definition of action plans for compliance with legislation and the mitigation of risks, liabilities and contingencies.


The firm acts with Consumer Rights by managing high volume litigation, and also works with conflict resolution, searching for agreements and transactions to ensure the speed and effectiveness of discussions and to reduce costs arising from cases. In order to serve clients nationwide, the firm uses its own systems that regiment logistics and digital petitioning, thus standardizing the performance, procedural monitoring, and issuance of reports.

Corporate Criminal Law

Legal persons and companies can be targets for corporate fraud or criminal prosecution arising from tax, contractual, social security, financial, competition, IT or environmental issues, to say nothing of compliance issues for avoiding criminal liability. This has created demand for Corporate Criminal Law services. Aiming to serve these needs, the Urbano Vitalino Law Practice (Urbano Vitalino Advogados) has a team replete with technical knowledge of and experience in complex consultative and contentious cases. Urbano Vitalino Law Practice’s Corporate Criminal Law department offers a wide range of services, including follow-up for search and seizure proceedings; undertaking private criminal prosecutions; prosecution assistance; defense services, in the police phase and before all courts; due diligence in criminal matters, and compliance planning. It also prepares requests for setting up police inquiries, internal corporate investigations, preventive and defensive legal opinions, and staff training on how employees should behave before the police. The firm takes into account the peculiarities of each market sector in which our clients operate, thus providing highly customized legal advice that covers all types of corporate crimes set forth in the Brazilian Penal Code and supplementary legislation.


Differentiation of strategic processes – Those that are most relevant to the client are treated exclusively.

Dedicated Team – Cases accompanied by partners and senior professionals.

Involvement of leading partners – Partners from diverse areas take part in setting out strategies.