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Management: Author of works on strategic management of legal services (middle and end areas – monitoring of flows, internal processes, management and audit of Personnel activities, marketing and IT), as well as anti-corruption law and sustainable administration;

Governance: Member of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council, monitoring and analysis of data related to the corporate BSC of the office;

Legal: (general knowledge of all areas; practice as litigation manager for more than 25 years; advisory and contractual practice for public and private companies in corporate law, relationship with suppliers, purchase and sale of assets and obligations in general);

Academia: Coordinator of guidebooks published by OAB/PE (Guidebooks for law firms and guidebook on the reforms of the CPC and law firms), co-author at the Federal Council of the OAB (Guidebooks for law firms) and organizer of the Courts Catalog (TJPE 2016/2017). Miscellaneous articles on single-member law firms.

  • Undergraduate Degree in Legal Sciences from Universidade Católica de Pernambuco – UNICAP;
  • Graduate Degree in Civil Procedural Law from Universidade Federal de Pernambuco – UFPE;
  • Master’s Degree in Corporate Law IBMEC with extension at Babson College (Massachussets, USA) – City Business School;
  • Graduate Degree from Fundação Dom Cabral in PDD – Managers Development Program – Fundação Dom Cabral.
  • Trade Board of the State of Pernambuco – Vogal – period 2015/2019;
  • CESA – Center for the Study of Law Firms – Director – 2015/2016 biennium, and PE President – 2018/2021 and 2021/2023 triennia;
  • Bar Association of Brazil – Pernambuco section – OAB/PE – Triennium director 2008/2009, 2013/2015, 2016/2019 (President of the Law Firms Commission in the last 2 administrations);
  • Deputy Secretary General and President of Comissões Permanente de Advocacia do Interior (Permanent Advocacy Committees of the Interior) and Special Studies on the costs Law in triennium 2019/2021, Coordinator of the OAB/PE committees on management 2019/2021;
  • Member of OAB’s Comissão Nacional de Sociedades de Advogados do Conselho Federal (National Commission of Law Firms of the Federal Council) in the 2016/2019 and 2019/2021 triennia, and member of the Special Commission of Law Firms’ 1st profile 2020/2021;
  • Member of the CFOAB work group that elaborated the 1st Profile of the Brazilian Law Firms – October 2020;
  • Member of IAP – Instituto dos Advogados de Pernambuco since March 2015;
  • Member of the Strategic Legal Committee of AMCHAM since March 2017;
  • Mentor of Endevor – entrepreneurship since October 2012;
  • Instituto Urbano Vitalino – IUV – Diretor – 2005/2021;
  • Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Municipal – IBDM – Director – 2002/2007;
  • Lawyers ‘ Union of Pernambuco – Vice-President – 2002/2005; Tax Advisor – 2006/2007.