The Civil Litigation area at Urbano Vitalino Advogados represents clients' interests in all courts for disputes related to Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Maritime and Banking Law, and other matters of Private Law. Strategic cases rely on the specialized practice of improving the client's image before the judiciary and managing cases in the higher courts. The office works in Consumer Law, managing heavy caseloads and working on conflict resolution, seeking agreements and transactions, in order to ensure the speed and efficacy of discussions and to reduce the cost of proceedings. In order to serve clients nationwide, the office uses its own systems to standardize logistics and electronic petitioning, thus standardizing activities, procedural monitoring and reporting. It also draws up and negotiates arbitration clauses and dispute resolutions, representing the interests of clients who want to ensure the effectiveness of the arbitration procedure. To this end, Urbano Vitalino Advogados provides arbitrators and mediators to swiftly and safely resolve disputes.