Real Estate

The Real Estate Law area at Urbano Vitalino Advogados deals with both urban and rural businesses, in order to anticipate and prevent the emergence of administrative, fiscal and environmental obstacles, either with the government or with other actors involved in the operation. The office also provides property acquisition services for foreigners, to enable implementation and provide legal support for ventures, such as real estate developments, housing developments, shopping centers, hotels and condominiums. The professionals at Urbano Vitalino Advogados structure transactions related to purchasing, selling, exchanging, concession for payment, provision of guarantees, construction, ventures, leasing, build to suit, renting, partnerships, real estate transfers arising from corporate actions, among others. Its professionals assist in the negotiating phase, conducting due diligence on the documents, in order to evaluate the legality of the properties' status and advising during the analysis and settlement of the real estate documentation. They also examine real estate documentation for the establishment of real estate funds, the issuance of debentures and securitization processes.