Urbano Vitalino Advogados is prominently positioned in the main rankings of Consumer Law area, being recognized by major national players due to our ability to generate results through the specialization of our teams and large amounts of technology used in our flows. In this area, we operate for:

  • Conflict resolution in search of agreements and transactions, so as to ensure speed and effectiveness of discussions, as well as the reduction of risks, provisioning and costs tied to the processes.
  • The defense of institutions in cases of fraud and issues with the understanding of the most complex and recent products by the Judiciary Branch.
  • Collection lawsuits and damages for unlawful acts involving consumer relations and contractual obligations, among other topics, especially for the financial, e-commerce, telephony and retail segments and for insurance companies and consumer goods industries.
  • Through its own systems, in the standardization of logistics and electronic petitioning, standardizing the performance, procedural follow-up and issuance of reports.